Governance of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank


Tissue Bank Advisory Council

The Tissue Bank Advisory Council advises on the scientific strategy of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank and its implementation. The council comprises leading scientists and researchers from the breast cancer and biobanking fields worldwide, as well as bioinformaticians and patients. 

The Chair of the Tissue Bank Advisory Committee is Professor Wayne A Phillips, University of Melbourne.

To find out more about the Council, get in touch with us.

Access Committee

Our Access Committee reviews each application for samples to ensure that the samples are used for good-quality research. For each application Breast Cancer Now will ask the following questions:

  • Has the project for which samples will be used been peer-reviewed by an AMRC-registered charity or equivalent?
  • Is ethical cover in place for the work?
  • Will the application significantly deplete the Tissue Bank's sample stock?

Depending on the answers to these questions the application will receive a light-touch via our Executive Committee or a in-depth Specialist Group review. For more detail on review processes see the Tissue Access Policy in our resources section.

The Chair of the Access Committee is Dr Julia Gee, Cardiff University.