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Costs of samples

Cost recovery

The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank aims to recover some of the costs for supplying samples to the research community. If you are a Breast Cancer Now funded researcher you do not have to pay any costs recovery for samples. Courier costs may still apply. 

Academic institutes get a 33% discount on the cost recovery fee for samples. Profit making organisations will be charged full cost recovery plus an overhead for staff time/management of the Bank. 



                                              Frozen tissues 
 Frozen tissue aliquot  £21.39
 Frozen tissue section (8-10µm)  £23.71
 Frozen tissue section (4-6µm)  £22.29
                                            FFPE tissue sections
(8-10µm) thickness £18.47 
(4-6µm) thickness £17.57 
                                         Whole blood, Serum, Plasma
                                    £8.00/vial, approximate volume 500 µl 

                                                      DNA & RNA (pre-extracted)
                                    £10.88 /vial, approximate volume 25 µl

Existing FFPE TMA  £0.33/core; section; £2.50/section, £0.90/additional
Custom or bespoke FFPE TMA £25.00-28.00/core1
                                                             Primary Cells 
Epithelial and myoepithelial £150
Fibroblasts £50
Explants (where there are approximately 10 explants per vial) £300
Courier     TBD3

1: cost varies pending number of cases per TMA, sections requested and QC to ascertain appropriate block; includes costs for sample retrieval and construction 
2: costs vary as per destination