Tissue Access Committee Chair - Dr Julia Gee

Biography – Julia Gee

Dr Julia Gee, PhD

Dr Julia Gee is a Breast Cancer Now Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cardiff, Wales. 

Her research focuses on therapeutic response and failure in breast cancer. In addition to defining research hypotheses for further funding bids in this area, Dr Gee oversees the management and implementation of projects and strategic planning for her research team. She has many research collaborations and is principal investigator/co-applicant on several industrial-funded studies exploring new therapeutic agents.

Dr Gee's specific interests are anti hormone-induced signalling in ER + breast cancer, mechanisms of anti hormone or anti-growth factor resistant growth and progression, novel target discovery and evaluation of new therapies using resistant cell models, and signal transduction and biomarker studies in clinical cancer.

Dr Gee has been the Chair of the Tissue Access Committee since 2013. She oversees each sub-committee formed to review applications for samples from the Tissue Bank as well ensuring the Bank continues to meets the needs of researchers.