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The UK's first ever national breast cancer tissue bank

What we do

The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank provides high-quality, ethically-collected biomaterials and data from breast cancer patients and individuals without breast cancer. 

The Tissue Bank was developed in response to our first gap analysis of breast cancer research1, which identified that the main barrier to progress was a shortage of good-quality tissue. The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank provides the breadth of materials needed for breast cancer research, ranging from serum samples, through frozen and fixed tissue samples to isolated breast cell populations. 

1. Thompson A, Brennan K, Cox A, Gee J, Harcourt D, Harris A, Harvie M, Holen I, Howell A, Nicholson R, Steel M, Streuli C. Evaluation of the current knowledge limitations in breast cancer research: a gap analysis. Breast Cancer Research 2008;10(2):R26.

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