Derivatives from the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank

Whole blood & derivatives

Whole blood, plasma, serum, cfDNA and buffy coat

Where possible we collect a blood sample from patients who donate to the BCNTB. This may be on the day of surgery or at a pre-operative consultation. 

All our derivatives are prepared using standard methods to ensure quality. We can provide the following derivative samples from patients with breast cancer:

  • serum
  • EDTA plasma
  • heparinised plasma
  • For some cases in the Bank we have pre-extracted DNA and RNA. 
    Note: we can no longer offer bespoke DNA/RNA extraction for applications.  

From our longitudinal collection (Sheffield Tissue Bank centre's specific collection)

  • blood samples prepared for cf DNA 
  • buffy coat containing PBMCs 

For costs please see our costs of samples page.

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