Tissue microarrays from the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank

Tissue microarrays

We can provide sections from a range of pre-prepared tissue microarrays (TMAs), for example grade- or type- specific. Treatment-specific TMAs are also available, for example adjuvant Herceptin-treated breast cancer or neoadjuvant-treated breast cancer.

We have created an optimisation TMA with mixed cases in order to identify moelcular targets of interest over a broad range of patients. You can request custom TMAs to be made to your specifications. 

By creating TMAs, the Tissue Bank makes the most of precious samples and enables release of the tissue to a larger numbers of researchers.

For costs please see our costs of samples page.

At present it is not possible to apply online for pre-made or bespoke TMAs. Please email the Tissue Bank team with your requirements and we will let you know how best to apply.