Archival tissue from the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank

Archival collection

The BCNTB boasts a unique collection of archival FFPE tissue blocks which are available to the research community. This collection contains pathological samples from 1940s through to 1970s, including breast biopsies and cancerous and benign lesions of the breast. The data available on the samples includes detailed pathological features at collection.

Our archival collection offers researchers an insight into breast cancer and how the disease has changed since the 1940s, as well as access to samples of tumour tissue that have not been affected by neoadjuvant therapy. FFPE tissue can successfully be used for a range of processes including immunohistochemistry, RNA and DNA extraction. Please see the article 'The value of archival tissue blocks in understanding breast cancer biology' for more information.

How to request samples

At present the archival collection is not available to request online. Please email for more information.

For costs please see our costs of samples page.