How to contact the team at the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank

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Please see our FAQs for answers to common questions in the first instance. 

If you need any other help using our website or require any more information on the Tissue Bank, get in touch via email and one of the Tissue Bank Management Team will get back to you.

The Tissue Bank Management team

The Tissue Bank Management team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the Tissue Bank.

Dr Alex Bonner, Head of Research Resources

Alex manages Breast Cancer Now’s long term research programmes and resources, which include the Research Centre, Units, Generations Study and the Tissue Bank. Alex also oversees the management of the charity's Science Strategy Committee who provide strategic advice for us to maximise the impact of our research. 

Eleanor Garratt-Smith, Tissue Bank Grants and Relationships Manager

Eleanor is responsible for managing the relationships with individuals connected with the Tissue Bank including tissue applicants and the principle investigators and staff in the Tissue Bank Centres. Eleanor also manages the Advisory Committees whose members advise the charity on all aspects of the proposed use of the tissue and cells.

John Watts, Lead Data Manager − Tissue Bank

John is responsible for the informatics strategy and architecture of the tissue bank and manages the data and systems involved in identifying and delivering tissue for researchers. He also works with researchers to accurately target the samples required for their investigations based on patient, pathology and treatment information. John has a lead role across the bank to coordinate the management of data with team members in each centre.

Uma Ekbote, Tissue Bank Coordinator

Uma is based in Leeds and oversees the applications for tissue, including distribution of samples and answering scientific queries. Uma is also responsible for the standard operating procedures associated with the tissue bank to ensure consistency and quality across all our centres.


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